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or $199.99. 9 months, $27.49 interest only. Took some time to figure out a few things that I had missed about getting my CB radio working (for those of you who don’t know I have been working on this for over five years). I still would like to get the CB box working with the 72Volt system, but that is a back burner item. Thanks to the help of Ray I was able to get the whole thing working as described in the article “Instant CB Radio Communication with a 72 Volt Radio System.” This is what I have for you today. This is a step by step walk through on getting your CB radio working with a 72Volt converter. The first thing I did was to get the Radio on and tune in. I am sure that you have a radio that you need to make work with 72 volts. To use an Amateur Radio Transmitter for this we need to use a special transmitter that will allow you to operate with a 12 volt converter. The best answer for this would be to use a “Radio Amateur Transmitter” and then use a conversion box to change to 12 volts to operate the 72 volts. By using a Radio Amateur Transmitter it will give you all the information to configure the radio for the 72 volt system. The following picture shows the basic configuration of an Amateur Transmitter. NOTE: The board in the middle is the board that the transceiver plugs into. The board above the board in the middle is the power supply for the 72 Volt Radio system. The Transmitter will have a 72 Volt Adapter that plugs into the power supply. Next I used an old wall wart to supply power to the Transmitter. I then plugged it into the power supply. One of the problems that I had was the old 4 pin plug. I did not have anything like this and the power supply is not large enough to fit a 4 pin plug. I just used a regular 3 pin plug and a standard twist lock. I am sure that you have something just like this at home. The next thing that I had to do was to test the Transmitter. I took the little battery with me with it and connected it to the test button. Next I used a fuse holder to get rid of the fuse I had in the power cord that goes to the Transmitter. One of the problems that I had was to find the button that would start the test. After the first test was done I had to make sure that the box and




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